General Rules

1) Do not give out your game login. Loss of any dogs, money, etc. from your account as a result of giving out your login will not be returned to you. Blackstarkennels staff will never ask for your login information.


2) No person will discriminate against any other or be unkind, use foul language, harass, or threaten someone else. Multiple reports of a single person being rude, unkind, cheating, stealing, lying, etc. will be removed from the game or have certain areas of their account blocked or suspended without prior warning.


3) There is a strict no cheating policy. Cheating on this game will result in your account being deleted or banned, your dogs being put down or sold, or your game money deleted.


4) Non-upgraded members are limited to one account ONLY.


5) Upgraded members are limited to 5 accounts per upgraded account.


6) Blackstarkennels is not responsible for any loss as a result of game errors, malfunctions, etc. We will try to fix any problems on a case-by-case basis, and do make daily backups just to be on the safe side. :)


7) You can be removed from the game or suspended for behaving inappropriately, breaking any of the rules or terms and conditions despite the fact that you have upgraded.

Message board Rules

1) All Black Star Kennels staff has the right delete any post, message, game mail etc, or to change any member or dog name, and to permanently ban any member they feel it is breaking one or more of these rules without warning.

2) No swearing, vulgar language, harassment, threats, or any other kind of rude behavior. Swearing includes typing the word with a period in it, typing a series of stars, writing the word backwards, spelling it wrong, etc.

3) No harassment in a private message. This includes sending private messages to people when they ask you to stop. It also includes cussing or being rude.

4) No bullying, calling people names, or posting any rude comments. This includes fighting with another person.

5) No flooding whatsoever. Flooding is when you post the same thing a lot of times. This includes posting one letter over and over (ex: lllllllllllllllllllllll) or posting the same thing over and over again in different posts.

6) Do not type in all capital letters or a mix of capital and lowercase letters. This symbolizes yelling, and it is also very hard to read.

7)No advertising other games, or game related websites. This includes posting urls, asking for money, etc.

8) You may add in font effects in your posts, but to a certain extent. The limit on font sizes is 3 pt. You may change the colour and the face, but please keep it legible and don't forget that rule 1) still applies.

9) Please respect the category titles, if the category is for example "Report Errors" then do not post contest information.

10) Do not embed or post music on the message boards, it is extremely annoying for other members.

Picture Rules

1) You may not link to pictures that are copyright protected!!! Please ask permission before linking to a picture that isn't your own to make sure its okay. If the game staff have found you've linked to something you're not supposed to then it will be removed without warning. If you persist in posting links to copyrighted materials your account can be closed without warning.

2) You may not upload pictures that do not belong to you. This means you can't take pictures you've found off the Internet, save them to your computer, and then upload them. Please only upload pictures you've taken or that you have permission to use.

3) Any pictures found to be inappropriate for any reason will be taken down and the members account will be suspended or deleted with no warning.

URL Linking Rules

1) Feel free to post links to your personal web pages or information but remember this isn't an advertising service. Excessive posting of any link can lead to your account being removed from the game or having certain areas of your account blocked or suspended without prior warning.

2) Links advertising other games without written permission from game staff are forbidden. The only exception to this rule are inks to other RPG games, which are allowed. Accounts breaking this rule can be removed from the game or have certain areas of their account blocked or suspended without prior warning.

Messages & Text Rules

1) When posting html, or text remember to keep it appropriate for little kids, cussing included. Posting about things non-dog related, such as religion, sexual orientation, or topics that harass other members, are derogatory towards other members, or are unsuitable to people of all ages are not allowed. Accounts found with cussing or any other forms of inappropriate text can be removed from the game or have certain areas of their account blocked or suspended without prior warning.

2) Flooding, or posting the same thing over and over again is annoying. You only ruin it for everyone else by doing this. If there are repeated complaints from other members about you flooding you'll be blocked from posting messages.

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