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If you don't remember your game login or you need your activation number you can have it sent to you again using the form below.

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Reset Your Account Page

If you're having problems seeing your account when you login then you need to reset the HTML you put on the page. If that doesn't work try resetting your kennel blocks too. If you don't see a button below you need to login and then come back to this page.

Reset Your Username

Sometimes you put HTML into your username and then your account page and links get all messed up. Login to your account and come to this page to reset your user name. Your username will be set to NoName.

Reset Your Kennel Blocks

If you put an incorrect color code into one of your kennel blocks sometimes your page won't load. You can fix that by pressing the button below. If resetting your kennel blocks doesn't work try resetting your account page as well. You need to login if you don't see a button below.

Reset A Dog's Name

Sometimes you put HTML into your dog's names and then your account page and links get all messed up. Login to your account and come to this page to reset your dog's name. Your dog's will be set to NoName. You need to know your dog's ID number, age and breed.


To join the game you must go to the join page and enter an email address, user name, and password you would like to use to login to your game account. You must have a different email address for every account you make.

Buying A Dog

There are two ways to buy dogs. You can do go the store or you can search for dogs and buy one that is up for sale and another member bred.

Kennel Blocks

These help you sort your dogs on your account page. You can sort them any way you want, by breed, gender, or if they're for sale or not. When you start you automatically get one kennel block. This is called the default kennel block. You can keep an unlimited number of dogs at this block. However you'll probably decide you want more than one.

Create A New Kennel Block

Go to the kennel blocks page. In the yellow box enter the name of the kennel block. You can name your block anything you want. Then, enter the sort order. This controls where this block shows up on your account page. A lower number will appear at the top of your account and higher numbers show up further down. Finally there's the color option. You can use this color chart to help you pick a color you want. To change the color of your kennel block all you have to do is write down the SIX LETTERS OR NUMBERS you see that appear over the color you like. Put these into the color box. Then click the button and voila! Your kennel block will be created.

Expand Kennel Block

Your kennel block is limited to a certain number of dogs. If you want to put more dogs into your kennel block then you need to expand it. Go to the kennel blocks page and click on the expand button next to the block you want to make bigger.

Changing Kennels

A kennel is where you dog lives on the game. These are different from kennel blocks. A kennel block is like a group of cages. A kennel is the location they live in. Go to your account. Now click on the name of the dog you want to change their kennel. Click on the words change kennel next to it's kennel. Now you can search for a kennel to board your dog at. Click on the name of the kennel once you find one you like. Click on the button next to your dogs name to move it to that kennel and pay for 1 weeks boarding (7 days).

Paying Kennel Fees

Click on the name of your dog. Click on the kennel ID number. Click on the button next to your dogs name to pay for 1 weeks boarding (7 days). If you don't pay your kennel fees you will be kicked out of the kennel. You can't show your dog if your dog isn't in a kennel.

Showing A Dog

Go to shows and select the event you want to show in. Next to the shows you'll see numbers like 0:5 or 2:15 or 1:7. These are to help you pick the right shows for you dogs. The first number is the series. The second number is the level. Your dog must have the same series or higher to enter a show with a series greater then 0. Your dog must have the same level or higher to enter a show with a level greater then 0. If you just bought your dog then look for shows that have 0:0 beside them.

Reasons You Can't Show

1) You dog is boarded at kennel -1. You need to move it to a different kennel first.

2) Your dog is less then 1 year old. Your dog is too young to show.

3) Your dog is more then 10 years old. Your dog is too old to show.

4) Your dog is pregnant. Wait until the puppies are born and then you can show again.

5) Your dogs health is under 25%. Stop showing it for a while and its health will go back up.

Level & Series

Every time you dog gets 50 series points it gets a level up and its series points go back to 0. Show your dog to raise its level and series.


Click on your dog. Next click on the train link. If you don't have a train link then you will have to select an event to train your dog in first. After that the train link will show up. Decide how to train your dog and then press the button. Dogs that are trained will score higher in shows. You can only train your dog 1 time a day.


Click on your dog. Next click on the groom link. Dogs that are groomed will score higher in shows.

Getting Money

You can go to the bank and collect your salary. You can also get money by winning shows that you enter your dogs into.

Breeding A Dog

Click on the male dog you'd like to breed with then click on the breed button. Select the dog you'd like to breed to that dog with. Only dogs between 2 and 10 will show up in the list. If the dog doesn't belong to you then the owner of the dog will get a breeding request they must approve of first at the top of your account page. You can only breed two dogs of the same breed. So you cannot breed a German Shepherd and a Yorkie, but you can breed two German Shepherds. The female dog will always get pregnant and won't be able to show for a few days until the puppies are born. Your dogs must be 2 or older to breed and under 10 years old. It's better to breed your dogs when they're older so your puppies are born with higher levels and series.


This is where you store all of the items you buy or find on the game. The larger the capacity backpack you buy the more items you can store and the more pockets you can make.

Backpack Pockets

Some backpacks have pockets. Pockets are a way for you to organize the items you have in your backpack. If your backpack has pockets you'll see an option to name your pockets at the top of the backpack screen. Enter the name of the pocket you want to make and save your changes. Don't know what to name your pockets? Try names like Food, Accessories, Toys or For Sale to help your organize your inventory.

Prize Barrels

You can visit these every day for a chance to win free items or bones. Make sure you have a backpack if you want to use the Surprise Barrel. The longer you go between visits to the Surprise Barrel the better the prize you'll get. The more bones you throw into the Barrel O' Bones the better your chances of winning the jackpot.


You need buy a backpack before you can own items. Once you have a backpack you can buy items from the store. Some items are automatically re-stocked by the game and other items are for sale by other members in the game. You can buy items for BSK money or for bones. Usually items that cost bones will enhance your dog's abilities as long as they are equipped.

Equipping Items

Go to your backpack and hover your mouse over the item you want to use. Select the equip option from the drop down list. Now select the dog you want to put the item on. Try to put matching colored items and customized on your dogs for color and quality bonuses. When an item is equipped you will see a plus sign and a number next to your dog's abilities if that item is boosting that ability. An equipped item will only boost your dog's ability as long as it's equipped.

Item Uses

An item's number of uses will decreased only when it's equipped on a dog. Any time the dog breeds or shows the equipped item's uses will go down by one. When the item is out of uses it will automatically be unequipped from your dog and thrown away.


In a roleplay you create a character and then act out a story with that character. Each roleplay accepts different kind of characters and sets up a different background for the story. Upgraded members can create and manage their own roleplay.

Roleplay Characters, Info & Pictures

Regular members can create up to three characters with a link to their picture and information about them appearing next to their posts. Upgraded members can create an unlimited number of characters. To create a character select the roleplay you want to make the character for then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can also edit your characters the same way.


These are used to buy items, go on quests, use the prize barrel, rate stories and pictures, get free upgrades and so much more. You can get bones just by playing the game, having someone throw you one, or buying upgrades.

Throwing Bones

You can use the bones you have on your account to rate people's stories or gallery photos.

Upgrading Your Account

Click on the upgrade link next to your account type. Upgrades cost real money.

Decorating Your Account Page

All members can put information on their account and decorate it! Go to the page layout page to change it. You can use the editor we give you. Or, if you're a more advanced user you can enter your own HTML and pictures and links! For more html help please visit!

Changing A Dogs Picture

Go to Click on the browse button to find an image on your computer that you want to put on your dog. Click on the upload now button. Under share this image find the third box down. It says URL for Email and IM. Select all of the text and press the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time. This will copy the URL so you can use it later. Now go to your account on Click on the name of the dog you want to put this photo on. At the top of the dogs page find the box that says Picture URL. Click on that box and then press CTRL and the letter P at that same time. This will paste the URL of the photo you uploaded into the box. Click the save changes button at the bottom of the dogs page.

Where Can I Find Free Stock Photos To Make A Custom Dog Picture?

Here's a big list of places that have free photos you can use. Make sure you read what they say -- some of them only have small sections where the photos are free or you have to pay for them.