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Features Include:
  • Your own boarding kennel
  • Create shows
  • 2-4 puppies per litter
  • No banner ads
  • Friend suggestions
  • Journal
  • Create & manage a roleplay
  • Unlimited roleplay characters
  • Unlimited store dogs
  • Unlimited kennel blocks
  • Trophy badge next to name
  • Mail lasts 60 days
  • Cheaper broadcasts
  • Stud your dogs for bones
Used For:
  • Buying dogs
  • Breeding to dogs
  • Buying items
  • Customizing items
  • Enhancing items
  • Trades
  • Auctions
  • Quests
  • Prize barrel
  • Upgrading backpack
  • Adding pockets
  • Rating photos
  • Rating avatars
  • Rating stories
  • Can be thrown at other members

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