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June 12th, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I know I haven't updated in awhile. If you are wondering, yes the email is still down and not working. If you need to contact me you can do so in game to account #2 and if you really need me then you can get me at Either way I will reply.

I saw that there were a few new members who joined. If you need any help please message me to my inbox. Don't be shy, I don't bite.

I may not update the news often but I am here. I hope this summer brings more to BSK.

~ Dee #2

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April 8th, 2015

Email Is Down

Just a little note about the email. It is currently down. If you need to contact me in any way please use my BSK email at Thank you.

I have contacted Jade about the help email being down. I will update you all if there is any resolve in it but for right now if you need me use the email I written above.

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April 3rd, 2015

Ten Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog.

So you want to own a dog for the first time? There are many things to take remember about owning a dog. It isn't easy. You also have to think is this breed right for me? You wouldn't want to own a German Shepherd while living in an Apartment with no backyard right?

Here are some things to take into account on owning a dog.

1. Dogs take up time and energy. They need plenty of exercise and care. A dog can be awesome to have but if you are in school or working all day then maybe it isn't best to get a dog.

2. If you aren't home most of the day maybe you can hire someone to walk your dog or get a dog that isn't needy. Check out PetMD's Breedopedia to see which dog would be best for your needs if you really want a dog.

3. Any dog you get should be suitable to your lifestyle and surroundings. As I mentioned above a large dog will not do well in a small apartment. The dog could gain some health issues and/or damage property.

4. Keep in mind about your region you live in especially if the dog will be outside in your yard if you have one.

5. Getting a puppy is more work than an adult dog. Puppies need to be trained, socialized, and potty trained. So working 20 hours a day will be hard to do those things. Puppies like to play also and can chew/tear up things. So if you really don't have time to take care of a puppy then maybe get an adult dog who is already housebroken.

6. If you do have time for a puppy and still want to get the puppy, then make sure to have chew toys and keep anything you don't want destroyed out of the way. This also goes for chemicals and medicines. Puppies like to investigate and try everything.

7. It costs money to own a dog. There's food, vet visits, bowls, shots, etc. It's like taking care of a kid but fuzzy.

8. Make sure to get the proper fitting collar/harness. Getting one too small can harm the dog. Even getting one too large can be harmful. What if he jumped the fence and it got caught on the edge. That will not end well for your dog and you. I cannot stress that. I know of a friend that had that happen to their dog.

9. I don't know much about health insurance for a dog. I hear it is a good thing to have. I have an insurance card that is for myself but my local vet accepts my card for my dog and cats. So it does help when I don't have the cash on me. So maybe do some research on what health insurance is best for your dog.

10. No matter what dog breed you get. Have fun and enjoy. A dog is the most loyal friend you can get and will always be there for you.

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March 28th, 2015

New Breed Images

Miniature Pinscher border=
Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher was developed from the Dachshund, German Pinscher, and Italian Greyhound to create a lively and affective rat hunter. The name "Pinscher" means "terrier" in german, giving more.

Miniature Schnauzer border=
Miniature Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer is of German origin and the Miniature Schnauzer was bred from the Standard Schnauzer.  It is said to have come from the mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small more.

Olde English Sheepdog border=
Olde English Sheepdog

The Olde English Sheepdog's origin can be traced to the early 19th century and was originally bred in west England. Devon, Somerset, and Duchy of Cornwall are believed to have been the first more.

Otterhound border=


Believed to originate in France, the breed was developed by crossbreeding Bloodhounds with Terriers.

They were used to hunt otters who were eating the local fish supply.  read more.

Papillon border=

The papillon is a very old breed of dog that can be dated back more than 700 years in Europe. They were shown in paintings to sit upon the laps of French and Spanish noblewomen. Before they were more.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi border=
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated in Wales, Pembrokeshire- Hence its name. They are highly active herding dogs that need to be exercised to stay healthy and happy. They are very old known breeds more.

Pharaoh Hound border=
Pharaoh Hound

Most likely originating as far back as 3000 B.C., the breed is often depicted in Egyptian artifacts. The breed was used as a small game hunter but also served the purpose of being a loyal and more.

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March 10th, 2015

New Server

We have successfully switched to a new server. The game should be a whole lot faster now. Our email is currently down and I'm working to fix it. Since the game is now running on a new version of PHP you may notice some problems as you play. If you find something that isn't working correctly please email me at 

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