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BSK Breed Index: The Samoyed

Life Span: 12-15 years

Height: 19-23.5 inches

Weight: 35-65 pounds

Litter Size: 5-9

Temperament: Easy Going

Intelligence: High

Classification: Working

BSK Status: Extinct


History of The Samoyed

The Samoyed is an ancient Working dog breed. Samoyeds originated in Siberia where they lived alongside a tribe of hunters and fishermen called the "Samoyeds". The breed was used by the tribe as sled dogs, reindeer herders, and guard dogs. Surprisingly, there is no wolf or fox mixed into the breed; the gene pool is closely tied to the primitive dog. Explorer Robert Scott brough the dogs into England in 1889, where the dogs were then spread throughout the world. The AKC recognized the Samoyed in 1906.

Samoyed Fun Facts

  •  The Samoyed was named after the tribe of Siberians, The Samoyeds, who created the breed.
  • The Samoyed is recognized by the following clubs: CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, KCGB, CKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR, DRA, NAPR
  • Samoyeds are nicknamed the "Smiling Sammy", because of their mouth having a smiling position.

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