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BSK Breed Index: The Afghan Hound

Life Span: 11 - 13 years

Height: 24 - 49in

Weight: 45 - 60 pounds

Litter Size: 6 - 11 puppies

Temperament: Aloof

Intelligence: Medium

Classification: Hound

BSK Status: Extinct


History of The Afghan Hound

The afghan hound is a sighthound that locates and brings down prey by sight. It's known for it's long silky coat and lean, elegant build. Traditionally it was used to hunt rabbits and gazelles.

Afghan Hound Fun Facts

  • 30% of Afghan hounds die from cancer while 21% die from old age and 10% die from heart problems.
  • Afghan hounds get their name from their country of origin, Afghanistan.

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