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For Parents

Black Star Kennels (BSK) is a free online dog game for people of all ages. It gives dog lovers a chance to breed, show, and raise their own dogs while chatting with other people of similar interests. BSK hopes members will learn responsibility for their dogs, money management, and social skills in a fun and entertaining environment and that these values will be instilled in future generations.

BSK caters to children and pre-teens but that doesn't prevent people of any age from joining or creating an account. Your child's safety is our number one concern. For that reason your child can be blocked or banned from message boards, messages, the chat room or from the entire game at your request. If you would like your child's access removed from any of these areas please contact us with your child's account information. As an additional safety measure all messages are logged and periodically monitored by game staff. Members breaking game rules or acting inappropriately can be removed from the game without prior notice.

All parents are encouraged to go over basic internet safety information with their children. We suggest this guide to internet safety published by the FBI and Missing & Exploited Children. Members are strongly discouraged from giving out any kind of personal information. If we feel the information your child releases may be a concern for their safety we will block their account from messaging areas or close it altogether. Information gathered on this website is subject to our terms of service, disclaimer and privacy policy.